Oldphoneworks Announces
Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter
  • Do you want to use your rotary dial phone to access automated telephone systems?  
  • Have you been frustrated by your inability to dial # and * from your vintage telephone? 
  • Have you wished for speed dial capability?

We have the solution!

Introducing Rotatone - an exciting new product that brings new functionality to vintage rotary dial phones.
- Converts rotary dials to DTMF "touchtone" operation.
- Dials * and # from your rotary phone to access computerized services.
- Uses legacy equipment on tone-only lines.
- Compatible with VOIP services.
- Provides last number redial functionality.
- Adds 7 programmable speed dial locations. Each number is up to 25 digits long.
- Small enough to fit inside most phones.
Only $39.95 (do it yourself installation)
Or send us your phone and we'll install a Rotatone for $99.95

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