Just what is involved?

A physical examination of your phone is the first step in determining what needs to be replaced or repaired. We need to know if any parts are missing or damaged. To this end, we will inspect the Induction Coil, Hook Switch, Ringer, Condenser, Transmitter, Receiver, and Dial or Touch Tone pad.. If necessary we will figure on installing a network to make the phone compatible with modern telephone lines. The network is not an expensive item and won't increase your repair bill by very much.

We will then perform a complete test to see if the telephone has the proper line impedance, if the Ringer works OK, and we will test the adjustment of the Dial to be sure that it pulses OK and is working at the proper speed. Or, if you have a Touch Tone phone, we will check the frequencies of the pad to be certain they fall into the correct parameters.

Then, we'll look at the condition of the Line and Handset Cords to see if they need to be replaced. If they are cloth, we can make new ones that look exactly like the old ones. Yes, you read correctly, we have been making cloth telephone cords for over 25 years. The Line Cord will be cloth over modern vinyl, with a Modular plug for convenience in plugging in. If you are interested in buying highest-quality cloth telephone cords "ready-made," please visit House Of Telephones.

Finally, we'll check the telephone on the Telephone Company's line to be certain it is working OK. And, we'll guarantee our work for one full year.

Please note that we won't complete any job without telling you exactly what the charges will be, and waiting for your permission. Since we can repair an old telephone faster than most other folks, you reap the benefit of very low cost to get your old phone working as it should. We understand that money isn't easy to come by in today's difficult times, so we strive to give you maximum "mileage" for your repair dollar. 

Steve Hilsz, Telephone Repair Technician
P.O. Box 429, Salome, AZ 85348

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