Can I use my old Rotary-Dial phone on modern lines, along with my electronic phones?

Yes, modern telephone switching equipment is sensitive to rotary pulses. Sometimes, the phone company forgets to initiate this feature, and you have to call them to set your line up. The only trouble with modern telephone service is the lack of ringing power, and once in a while your older telephone will simply not ring loudly or it may not ring at all. You will have to temporarily disconnect your other phones to see if the older one will start ringing.

I have an old decorator phone. Can it be repaired?

The first decorator phones were imported from Japan, and they usually had insides that were compatible with modern phone lines. They can be repaired, even if the old network in the phone becomes defective, because modern (printed circuit analog) networks fit into most telephone applications. The early Character Phones such as Mickey Mouse or Snoopy usually have older (analog) circuits that can be repaired. The later versions made overseas are electronica and usually cause a lot of trouble to a repairman. Other decorator phones that are repairable include "The Candlestick," "Empress" and "Empress Deluxe," "Chestphones," and "Cradlephones," all made by American Telecommunicatios Corporation. Any older decorator phone made by Western Electric can be repaired.

Are parts still available for phones made from 1955 to 1985?

There is an abundance of repair parts for phones of this vintage. These were the finest telephones ever developed, that's why they apparently "had to go." But, I'll make certain that your old phone continues to work for many years to come.

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